Безконтактен тонометър Canon TX-F


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  • Type: Non-contact
  • Measurable range: 0-30mm Hg, 0-60 mm Hg
  • Measuring increment: 1 mm Hg
  • Operation distance: Approx. 11 mm from front of nozzle
  • Alignment: Auto/manual


Безконтактен тонометър Canon TX-F

Think of the Canon TX-F as a “one-touch wonder”. Because that’s exactly what it is, thanks to Canon’s innovative Full Auto technology – once your patient’s eye is in the monitor, you simply press the Start button and the exam is over in seconds. The entire process is remarkably quick, and the unit’s three-dimensional tracking system ensures that your readings are extremely reliable.


  • The TX-F is the premier non-contact tonometer for raising eye exam efficiency.
  • The three-dimensional tracking system of the TX-F features an exceptionally wide range of movement for easier, more comfortable operation.
  • Softer air puff for improved patient comfort.
  • Measurable range is switchable automatically according to the intraocular pressure of the examines eye.
  • Results can be displayed in order of higher reliability or in order of measurement.
  • A safety zone exists between the air puff nozzle and the eye, eliminating infection transmission and the need for anesthetic drops.
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Technical Specifications

Type Non-Contact
Measurable Range 0-30mm Hg, 0-60 mm Hg
Measuring Increment 1 mm Hg
Operation Distance Approx. 11 mm from front of nozzle
Alignment Auto/Manual
Observation Range Approx. 15 mm x 12 mm
Memory Maximum of 10 measurements for each eye
Printer Thermal line printer
Power Supply AC 100-240V 50/60 Hz 0.4-0.8 A
Dimensions W x L x H: 280 mm x 520 mm x 495 mm (11.0 x 20.5 x 19.5 inch)
Weight Approximently 20.5 kg (45.2 lbs)
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